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ATHENS, GREECE. Greeks React to Shutting of Broadcaster. The New York Times, June 2013.

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LIMASSOL, CYPRUS. Amid Cypriot crisis, Russians take a hit. WATCH THE VIDEO

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ATHENS, GREECE. Questioning Greek Growth – Greece is to become Europe’s #1 gold exporter. Click here to watch the video.

Greece gold-mining

LARISSA, GREECE. December, 2012.

ATHENS, GREECE. February, 2013. Greeks are turning to dirty and environmentally damaging solutions for heat after the government raised taxes on heating oil by 450 percent. Click here to watch: More taxes less heating.

Heating Oil crisis in Greece

ATHENS, GREECE. October, 2012.  Click here to watch the video: Greek port where Chinese management is struggling to recast labor relations.

ATHENS. GREECE. April, 2012. As Greece reels from deep austerity cuts and prepares for elections, some ultranationalist groups with extreme ideologies are appealing to increasingly insecure voters. Click here to watch the video.

Searching for Ancient Ithaca: The Op-Ed columnist Nicholas D. Kristof sets sail for the Greek island of Cephalonia, in search of ancient Ithaca and traces of Homer’s hero, Odysseus. Click here to watch the video.

“Greece’s Dangerous Cuts,” December 2011.  Video on the healthcare cuts in Greece. Click here to watch.